digital artist

For business inquiries, please write me an email.

art usage questions

repost policy?
no reposts please.

may i use your art as my profile picture?
yes, with a mention in the bio (@krystaki on IG and @KrystakiArt on TWT)

may i use your art as my phone wallpaper?
sure, i have no problem with that :)

general art questions

specs and program
device: ipad pro 11" 2018 and apple pencil 2
program: procreate
canvas size: i start off with 3000 x 3000 at 300 dpi and adjust as needed.

how long have you been drawing?
digitally for around 4 years on and off

what is your commission status?
check the top of this carrd on the main page!

JingSketch Basic 10 Set
i change brushes all the time though lol

how did you learn to draw?
i'm pretty much self-taught by the internet. reference from real life and when you want to stylize, find other artists!

contact me to get on the waitlist!

general information

  • Please send all inquiries to either my social media links or my email!

  • Payment is through PayPal only

  • Prices are listed as USD!

  • PSD file available for extra charge.

What I can draw:

  • Characters from shows/movies/anime/games, etc

  • Real people

  • Original characters

  • Animal features (tail, ears, whiskers)

  • Blood/revealing clothing

What I will not draw:

  • NSFW

  • Anything discriminating against a certain race, etc.

terms of service

General Terms:

  • Payment will always be upfront!

  • If the order is $100+, split payments available

  • Message me for commercial work, I will charge around 50% more depending on the type of work

Refund Policy:

  • A full refund will be permitted prior to starting the approved sketch.

  • Only 50% will be refunded after I start the sketch

  • A refund will not be permitted after you have approved of the lineart/cleaner sketch


  • Revisions after the final piece has been completed will not be made

Additional Charges:

  • Additional charges may apply to designs with more complex features, such as armor, animals, lace, etc.

Copyright and Reproduction:

  • Commissioned art (including original characters and fanart) CANNOT be used for reselling, commissions are for personal usage only

  • I reserve the right to claim the commissioned piece as my own work

  • I reserve the right to include commissioned work in portfolios, commission sheets, etc.

  • I reserve the right to include the commissioned work in commission examples, portfolios, etc.


  • If there is a specific deadline that must be met, please let me know beforehand. A deadline cannot be less than 2 weeks from the beginning, depending on how complex the commission is

  • 2-12 weeks for completion (may be longer due to school).

  • Rushed deadlines are acceptable with a fee (30 to 80% more)

prices (USD)

Commission TypeLined OnlyFull ColourDescription
Headshot$15$40White background and transparent available if requested.
Waist up $25$65Includes simple background. White background and transparent available if requested.
Thigh up$40$85Includes simple background. White background and transparent available if requested.
Full body$55$115White background and transparent available if requested.
Special Commission TypePriceDescription
Character Sheet$130Includes coloured sketches of 1 full body, 2 bust ups and 1 semi chibi + descriptive words. White background with solid block and transparent available if requested.


  • + background / background details (+5 - 15 USD)

  • + painted hair instead of lined hair (+10 USD)

  • + extra characters in one piece: multiply the price by the amount of characters + 5% discount off of total price for each character

  • for example: waist ups of two characters together = $65 x 2 = 130 - 6.50 = 123.50 in total.



Waist up

Thigh up

Full body

Character Sheet

order process:

1. Contact me through [email protected] or through Instagram or Twitter and then fill out my google form:
click here

2. We will discuss additional details and you will send the money directly through a PayPal link I will provide

3. Progress shots

This includes the sketch, line art, and colouring portion if applicable

4. Finished Commission

I will provide a watermarked and unwatermarked version (for your personal usage) in PNG format sent through email :)

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me through my social media outlets or email!



she/her | 19 | chinese-canadian | july 26

  • I enjoy talking about / drawing genshin a LOT

  • uni student !! who is dying why did I choose STEM